Solartopia Green Power And Wellness Hour

Harvey Wasserman’s Green Power Wellness Show on the Progressive Radio Network embraces “views with a Solartopian vision of the people’s politics, ecology, holistic health and much more.”

Dr. Caldicott was interviewed by Harvey Wasserman for his podcast Solartopia Green Power And Wellness Hour on 17 February 2015.

“Helen begins with a disturbing discussion of actions in Ukraine and the threat to the 15 atomic reactors still operating there. She warns that the death toll from Chernobyl has climbed over a million and that the western campaign to “back Putin into a corner” is fraught with danger.

She also recalls seeing the film classic ON THE BEACH as a teenager and the impact it had, leading her to show it again at the upcoming symposium.” ... read more

Radio Ecoshock

Alex Smith interviewed Dr. Caldicott for this one hour weekly program on 10 February 2015.

In Spring of 2012 the show was broadcast by 60 college and community stations, in the United States and Canada, plus one commercial station (KNEW 960 San Francisco). In the UK, Radio Ecoshock plays on Resonance FM, London.

Radio Ecoshock is also broadcast by satellite (Star Choice 845), by cable (in British Columbia, Canada), by podcast, and downloads from our site, http://www.ecoshock.org.

Ecoshock is provided free to all radio stations. It contains no advertising, does not push any politcal party, business, or group views. The program is funded by the host, Alex Smith.

Alex Smith is a long-time environmental activist, former reporter, one-time private investigator, father,... read more

Survival Sunday 1979

This is the third of six reels of airchecks from the live performance and broadcast of Survival Sunday, a “no nukes” rally held at the Hollywood Bowl on June 10, 1979.

This reel contains: Dr. Helen Caldicott (3:21-3:33); Joan Baez (3:33-3:47); announcements (4:15); Graham Nash (4:15-4:34).

As relevant today as it was then.

... read more

Nuclear Hotseat Podcast

Dr. Helen Caldicott shares compelling reasons why she decided to produce her upcoming Symposium on the Dynamics of Possible Nuclear Extinction, and gives us a glimpse as to the importance in her life of the film, “On the Beach.”

Listen to the podcast online or download for later listening: http://www.nuclearhotseat.com/2387/

... read more

nuclear-news Symposium Special

nuclear-news, the website that publishes “The News That Matters about the Nuclear Industry”, is featuring the Symposium during February. Each week, it profiles four of the speakers, with photos and videos (where available).

This is a terrific initiative and we thank Christina Macpehrson and her team for their staunch support. Do take the time to visit the site: http://nuclear-news.net/.

More details about the Symposium are available by clicking here.

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NYT is Lost in Its Ukraine Propaganda

Robert Parry is one of the speakers at the Symposium: The Dynamics of Possible Nuclear Extinction on February 28 to March 1 in New York City. Here he writes about the New York Times’ false narrative of the Ukraine crisis.

In late February, a conference is scheduled in New York City to discuss the risk of nuclear war if computers reach the level of artificial intelligence and take decisions out of human hands. But there is already the old-fashioned danger of nuclear war, started by human miscalculation, fed by hubris and propaganda.

That possible scenario is playing out in Ukraine, where the European Union and the United States provoked a political crisis on Russia’s border in November 2013, then backed a coup d’etat in... read more

The Medical Implications of the Nuclear Age

The Department of Environmental Sciences at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, is hosting a seminar and book signing by Dr Caldicott on Friday February 27 2015.

1:30 P.M. – Alampi Room
Marine Sciences Bldg., 71 Dudley Road, New Brunswick, NJ
Refreshments served at 1:15 pm

Host: Prof. Alan Robock, robock@envsci.rutgers.edu, 848-932-5751
Website: Environmental Sciences Seminars http://www.envsci.rutgers.edu/info/seminar/seminar.shtml

“The medical dangers of the nuclear fuel chain begin at uranium mining and end with either a massive nuclear power plant meltdown, a nuclear war or the many diseases and mutations in animals, plants and humans that will arise from the inevitable leakage of radioactive waste and the subsequent pollution of food chains for virtually infinity. I will walk people through this highly complex issue so that... read more