2013 Appearances

March 11-12
New York – Symposium at New York Academy of Medicine on the Medical and Ecological Consequences of Fukushima organized by the Helen Caldicott Foundation

March 14
New Jersey – speech at Princeton

March 15
Pennsylvania – Speech in Philadelphia

March 24
Massachusetts – Speech in Western Massachusetts

April 3
Maine – Speech at the University of New England

April 14-17
South Korea – Visit to South Korea speaking on the hazards of nuclear power

May 23
Australia – Address to students at the Australian film television and radio school

July 7
Japan – Major speech in Tokyo at the International School

July 9-11
Taiwan – Speaking tour of Taiwan re the medical dangers of their nuclear reactors

July 25
Australia – Lecture at the University of New England in Toowoomba

September 21
Australia – Lecture at the University of New England, Armidale – International Peace

November 4
Massachusetts – Address to the American Public Health Association in Boston on the Medical Consequences of the Nuclear Age

November 9
New Hampshire – Address to the New Hampshire Peace Action Organisation

November 13
California – Opening the film in Hollywood titled Fallout for Karen Kramer, wife of Stanley Kramer

November 14
California – Grad Rounds at Cedar Sinai Hospital in LA