Dr. Helen Caldicott Talks Bluntly About Fukushima

Radio Or NotBy Susie Madrak, Crooks & Liars, 30 September 2013

Nicole Sandler interviewed Dr. Helen Caldicott this morning about what’s going on at Fukushima.

She tells Sandler Units 1, 2 and 3 have indeed melted down, possibly through the steel core and into the earth, and that reactor No. 4 is “on a knife edge.”

She says the nuclear power industry is reluctant to help because they don’t want people to know just how bad it is.



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6 thoughts on “Dr. Helen Caldicott Talks Bluntly About Fukushima”

  1. An undersea sacrophagus …earthquake proof ..is needed……radioactive water needs to be cooled and reused so it needs locked in a cooling system otherwise it needs to be stored and builds up ….and moutain water needs diverted away and treated. Extreme creatures need investigated like mushrooms and how they cope with living with extreme radiation investigate knotweed and wormwood finally… the three corii Must not sink deeper and link up….somebody needs to love this problem and treat it thoroughly… the issue is critical in an earthquake environment.

  2. Having just watched “One on One” on ABC 24,
    I wish to say “Thank you, Helen.”

    I hope to God that we are all rewarded
    as a result of your astonishing persistence
    and your bravery in the face of so much resistance.

    You could not have done more . . .
    an amazing human being
    Such dedication is beyond words.

    Blessings upon you, Helen.

  3. It’s refreshing to hear the truth about this as we’ve thought from the beginning they weren’t reporting the radiation levels. We quit eating Pacific fish, salmon and especially tuna after March 2011. No amount of radiation is safe, especially when you’re ingesting it. It goes into your bones, lungs and organs.. We are going to have to learn to live differently, put up a small greenhouse, drink distilled water, eat herbs that will help flush these isotopes from your body. Do some research…and pray.

  4. Seems that sooner or later reactor 4 will cause the most catastrophic outcome. Is it too late to do anything about this? Or is it as seems an inevitable disater that will render the Norther Hemisphere contaminated forever?

    Will humankind ever learn?

  5. So why are others claiming this is all a hoax? This is obviously catastrophic. Moving from the Pacific Coast can only be a temporary option. Is there any science that can neutralize these isotopes? What are the Japanese thinking? I guess the world is clueless with the fact that the Olympics were awarded to Japan for the year 2020!

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