The Dangers of Nuclear Power in Australia

By Helen Caldicott, Independent Australia, 16 February 2020

Long-time anti-nuclear campaigner and writer Dr Helen Caldicott believes the risks of nuclear power outweigh the benefits.

AS AUSTRALIA grapples with the notion of introducing nuclear power as an energy source, it is imperative that people understand the intricacies of these new technologies including small modular reactors (SMR) and thorium reactors.

There are basically three types of SMRs which generate less than 300 megawatts of electricity compared to current 1000 megawatt reactors.

Light water reactors designs – smaller versions of present-day pressurised water reactors – will be built underground but with the same attendant problems as those at Fukushima and Three Mile Island.

They will be mass-produced, so large numbers must be sold yearly to make a profit, and should... read more

Alternative Views #161: Helen Caldicott - the Medical Implications of Nuclear Power

Pediatrician Caldicott makes a post-Three Mile Island presentation describing the effects of radiation on the body and the dangers to the world if nuclear power plants proliferate. She also describes the horrifying consequences of nuclear war.

Original show recorded August, 1982
Speech recorded 1979; Copyright 1979 by Helen Caldicott, M.D.
News before speech: Recorded May 10, 1988
News after speech: recorded August, 1982 and May 10, 1988
Copyright June, 1988

* Note: The Alternative Information Network address in the video is no longer in use.


Co-hosts: Frank Morrow and Doug Kellner
Researcher: Mike Jankowski
Technical adviser: Brian Koenigsdorf

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For A Green Future

19 January 2020

Dr. Helen Caldicott and Karlin Itchoak are our guests on this special episode of For A Green Future.

First Karlin talks about the Wilderness Society’s efforts to save the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from oil drilling. Then Dr. Helen Caldicott tells us about the fires in Australia, the nuclear freeze movement, the current threats from nuclear power and nuclear weapons, and has a few choice words for Ohio’s anti-science state legislature.

Joe DeMare and Rebecca Wood co-host and we get another letter from the future!

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Anti-nuclear campaigner Helen Caldicott alarmed at talk of nuclear power in Australia

“There’s always the risk of a meltdown like Chernobyl, Fukushima or Three Mile Island,” said Dr Caldicott, who once lived at Matcham on the Central Coast.

“Living near a reactor will subject your children and grandchildren to the risk of leukaemia and cancer.”

Despite a strong push towards renewable energy, the nuclear question continues to be asked amid concern that the transition away from fossil fuels isn’t happening fast enough to save the world from catastrophic climate change.

The nuclear debate was reignited with a parliamentary... read more

The Nuclear Threat Combined with Global Warming

Joan Cerio, host of Earth Energy Forecast, welcomes Dr. Helen Caldicott who shares with us her knowledge of nuclear weapons, nuclear disasters such as Fukushima, and global warming are threatening the existence of our planet.

Dr. Caldicott has devoted the last 42 years to an international campaign to educate the public about the medical hazards of the nuclear age and the necessary changes to human behavior to stop environmental destruction.

Earth Energy Forecast show, air date 12/17/2019.

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Our nuclear arms obsession is a countdown to extinction

By Helen Caldicott, Independent Australia, 14 December 2019

I WRITE THIS PIECE as a physician expertly trained to make accurate diagnoses to either cure the patient or to alleviate their symptoms.

I, therefore, approach the viability of life on Earth from a similar and honest perspective. Hence, for some, this may be an extremely provocative article but as the planet is in the intensive care unit, we have no time to waste and the startling truth must be accepted.

As TS Eliot wrote so long ago, ‘This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper’.

Will we gradually burn and shrivel the wondrous creation of evolution by emitting the ancient carbon stored over billions of years to drive our... read more

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