An Exclusive Interview with Helen Caldicott

376 Films

Trailer (1:12 mins)

Interview (11:58 mins)

The Dangers of Nuclear Technology, March 2022

The Nicky Rew Podcast

U.S. Warmongering Will Kill Us All, December 2021

Talk World Radio

Hiroshima 75th Anniversary, August 2020

Lauren Steiner

For A Green Future, January 2020

For A Green Future

The Nuclear Threat Combined with Global Warming, December 2019

Earth Energy Forecast

“I Think We [Humans] Are Going to Destroy Most Life on Earth”, March 2019

Collapse Chronicles

The Threat of Nuclear Annihilation in 2018, August 2018


Truthseeker’s Path, April 2018

Truthseeker’s Path

San Francisco Public Library, August 2016

San Francisco Public Library

Answering audience questions, San Francisco Public Library, August 2016

San Francisco Public Library

St. Louis Nuclear Nightmare, May 2016


Radiation And How It Affects Your Health, May 2015

The Real Truth About Health

The Three Issues Threatening Planetary Life, May 2015

The Real Truth About Health

Symposium: Possible Nuclear Extinction, New York, March 2015


Preserving the Future, March 2015

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

The Dangers of Nuclear Power, 2015

The Real Truth About Health

Hiroshima, Fukushima & Beyond, New York, October 2014

International Forum on Globalization

Fukushima’s Ongoing Impact, Seattle Town Hall, September 2014

KODX Seattle

Fukushima: Crisis Without End, September 2014

TalkingStick TV

New Nuclear Danger, March 2014

GBH Forum Network

Extended interview, March 2014

60 Minutes Australia

The Horrible Truth About Fukushima, February 2014

Jenny Van der Doe

The Medical Implications of Fukushima and Chernobyl, March 2013

The Real Truth About Health

Loving This Planet, November 2012

The New School

With Arnie Gundersen on Fukushima, August 2012

Stacey Anderson

Who cares? with Kate Orff in conversation, April 2012

Columbia GSAPP

The Medical Implications of Fukushima, Nuclear Power and Nuclear Proliferation, Santa Barbara, March 2012

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

Fukushima and the Perils of Nuclear Power, October 2011

Link TV

Cape Cod Community Center, April 2011

Live From Center Stage Concerts

Launching Nuclear Power is Not the Answer, Boston Public Library, September 2006

Angela Bizzell

Psychic Numbing and the New Nuclear Danger, Oxford Union, September 2004


How the Bush Administration Had a Financial Stake in Their Agenda, C-Span, 2004

Way Back

The New Nuclear Danger, April 2003


Enviro Close-Up with Karl Grossman, 1993


On Buchanan/Braden, 1984

Mike Gardner

Forum, October 1981

The City Club of Cleveland

In Harrisburg, March 1981

Felton Davis

Women + Power in the Nuclear Age, 1980

High Hopes Media

The Medical Implications of Nuclear Power, 1979

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