Dr. Caldicott on Fukushima: “Decommission or Cleaning Up? It’s Fantasy!”

This Week’s Featured Interview on Nuclear Hotseat Podcast:

Dr. Helen Caldicott on why Fukushima will never be able to be cleaned up; the devastating health impacts of radiation; and why the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are a really really bad idea.

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The Fukushima nuclear meltdown continues unabated

Dr Helen Caldicott, explains recent robot photos taken of Fukushima’s Daiichi nuclear reactors: radiation levels have not peaked, but have continued to spill toxic waste into the Pacific Ocean — but it’s only now the damage has been photographed.

RECENT reporting of a huge radiation measurement at Unit 2 in the Fukushima Daichi reactor complex does not signify that there is a peak in radiation in the reactor building.

All that it indicates is that, for the first time, the Japanese have been able to measure the intense radiation given off by the molten fuel, as each previous attempt has led to failure because the radiation is so intense the robotic parts were functionally destroyed.

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Thirty Seconds To Midnight - The Final Wake Up Call

Filmmaker Regis Tremblay states what few others dare to say. Humanity is on the brink of extinction! Nuclear power is not safe. 48 of America’s nuclear power plants are leaking and there is no way to get rid of nuclear waste.

America’s reckless provocations of both Russia and China, two nuclear-armed countries, risk a nuclear holocaust from which no one survives. Climate change and global warming, if not mitigated immediately, will end the human experiment on earth sooner rather than later.

A shocking documentary that traces the origins of U.S. genocides, military interventions and wars from the 15th century when the white, colonial explorers first came to the Americas to
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Peace Activist: US Congressional Study on Wiping Out Russian Leader 'Ridiculous'

The US Congress’s request to American intelligence agencies to evaluate the “survivability” of Russian and Chinese leaders after a nuclear attack is absurd, global peace activist Helen Caldicott told Sputnik.

The comprehensive study recently mandated by Congress will be carried out by the US intelligence agencies and by STRATCOM, US Strategic Command which is in charge of nuclear forces, according to a little-reported section of the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

This congressional investigation into the survivability of Russian and Chinese leadership in the event of nuclear war is ridiculous,” Caldicott, founder of Physicians for Social Responsibility, the organization that was the co-winner of the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize, said.

Caldicott insisted that the study was unnecessary and irrelevant since the leaderships of both Russia and China clearly understood the dangers to themselves and their peoples of a full-scale nuclear war breaking out.

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Interview on Radio 531pi

Radio 531pi has been serving our Pacific communities on the AM band since 1993. Our team of broadcasters aim to provide news, views and interviews keeping you informed about the latest sports, current events, and issues affecting our Pacific communities.

This interview with Dr. Caldicott was recorded on 16 Nov 2016.

Radio 531pe’s website is at: http://www.radio531pi.com/

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US-NATO 'Buildup on Russian Border Could Lead to Nuclear War' - Nobel Laureate

US political leaders have falsely accused Moscow of threatening NATO member states while the alliance aggressively builds up military forces on Russia’s border, Nobel Peace Prize winner and global peace activist Helen Caldicott told Sputnik.

On Thursday, US Secretary of Defense nominee James Mattis told a Senate committee in confirmation hearings that NATO must build capacity in eastern Europe to deter Russia’s alleged aggression. This came a day after Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson testified that the United States would defend NATO member states if Russia invaded.

“There is little or no evidence that Russia is being aggressive towards the NATO countries,” Caldicott, co-winner of the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize, told Sputnik. “That is a lie that the United States insists on maintaining”.

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US Media Peddling Fake News for Over Century, Activist Says

The US government and State Department do not deserve to be entrusted with the power to pass judgment on what is legitimate news as because they have disseminated so much false information of their own, global peace activist Helen Caldicott told Sputnik.

US Congress recently agreed to fund $160 million to battle what they claimed to be foreign propaganda and an alleged Russian campaign to spread “fake news.” The measure has been folded into the National Defense Authorization Act and gives the State Department the power to identify “propaganda” and take actions to reply to it.

“For people in the State Department to observe and denote what news is fake or not is absurd as this department has for many years conjured up and broadcast almost daily its own fake news,” Caldicott, founder of Physicians for Social Responsibility, the co-winner... read more

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