2012 Appearances

March 8-11
Freiburg, Germany – European Convention of Environmental Laureates

March 15
Seattle – 12-1pm – Talk at Group Health Co-operative Hospital, 6th floor, Capitol Health Facility

March 16
Seattle – 7pm – Surviving Japan – film and discussion – Temple United Methodist Church 1415 Northeast 43rd St Seattle

March 17
Seattle – 9am – 3pm Forum on Fukushima, Temple United Methodist Church

March 22
Los Angeles – 6-9pm – Reception and fundraiser for radio program IF YOU LOVE THIS PLANET

March 23
Santa Barbara 7pm Central Library – Public lecture on Fukushima

March 27
Earlham College Richmond Indiana – science classes

March 28
Earlham College – 12-12.45 Faculty buffet, 1-2.30 Convocation, afternoon reception

March 29
Philadelphia – 5.50 – 8.30 Project for Nuclear Awareness – John and Chara Haas Award for International Peace and Social Justice – Nuclear Skies A Vision of a Nuclear Free World

March 31
Portland Noon – Occupy teachin St Francis Church, 6-9pm PSR Annual Dinner and speech Oregon Zoo

April 2
New York – Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation speech and discussion

April 4
Barnstable MA – Cape Cod Community College, Tilden Auditorium, speech on Fukishima and showing of Academy winning film IF YOU LOVE THIS PLANET

April 10
Columbia SC 7.30 -Capitol City Club forum speech on Fukushima

April 11
Asheville NC – evening Presentation at Green Drinks

April 12
Irwin SC – Morning tour of Irwin nuclear facilities, lunch with medicos and evening lecture in Irwin

April 15
Spokane – Occupy Hanford – John Dam Park, Richland WA noon – 5pm

April 17
Madison WI – Public event, Humanities Building, Rm 3650, UW Madison 455 North Park St

April 18
Madison – 7.30-8.30am UW-Madison Family Medicine Dpt Grand Rounds, Bay 6 St Mary’s Hospital 700 South Park St

6-10pm – Private reception, Sundance Cinemas, Hilldale Mall, 430Midvale Bld

April 19
Madison 7.30-8.30 – UW-Madison Pediatric grand rounds, Rm 1345 Health Sciences Learning Center, 750 Highland Ave

5-9pm – Global Health Institute Seminar Series and Reception, Health Sciences Learning Center

April 21
New York – 3pm – Green Festival – Javits Center, 655W 34th St NY

11 thoughts on “2012 Appearances”

  1. min, sung hyon

    I heard you 2013.4.15 in Seoul. I was very surprised at your message which Korea is dangerous nation already. Now I dictated Korean your lecture in other to sharing information. But I can’t find the Simposium files you said discussing about Fukushima and Chernobyl in New York 2012.3.11(?) After I Knowed Nuclear, I was unhappy nowadays. I have 2 dauthers. I don’t know how I overcome our radiation risk.

    1. Thank God you put that info up! RF and the arsenal is just too much, fracking and leaking benzene, purple water, this state is out of control.

  2. Doctor Helen Caldicott you are an angel sent from heaven to help save mankind from it’s self. I have love and appreciation for the work you do. You are one of the most important people living on this planet today. Now! If they would only listen.

  3. Kevin Christensen

    Hello, Dr. Caldicott. Will you be making any appearances in Dallas, Texas anytime soon? Would love to come if you are.

    Kevin –
    Dallas, TX

  4. I’ve watched your videos and the Australian video When the Dust Settles. I wish the money from nuclear would go into Olive Groves, which live for hundreds of years. Hundreds of years of bio-diesel from a tree trunk that stores CO2 in the roots and trunk. Suitable for the US, China, Australia, South America and Africa. Olives don’t create Plutonium.

  5. Yesterday I saw a video of one of your talks in Seattle. Thank you for all the very well presented information. You are a much respected voice of reason in these trial-filled times. At one point in your talk you mentioned that air travellers should *never* go through those back-scatter X-ray machines. Then at another point you mentioned that if another earthquake causes further damage at the Fukushima Daiichi Plant, you will evacuate your family to Australia. Both of these steps make eminent sense. However, you undoubtedly know by now that the Australian government is preparing to have scanners installed in all international airports (to start with), and that THERE WILL BE NO PAT-DOWN OPTION. (See: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-02-06/privacy-questions-over-airport-body-scan-laws/3813760 ) So you either go through the machine or you don’t travel, full stop. If this is what happens, then once you come back here you will be here for good, unless you change your position and accept the machines. As we know, the people are being forced to pay for these and many other instruments of their own debilitation and destruction, all to the aggrandizement of a few in the corporatocracy that used to be a democracy. I think all concerned need to get together to stop this hideous and outrageous infringement of basic human rights…..before it’s too late.

  6. Just a note that Asheville is in North Carolina, not South Carolina as included on your calendar above. Looking forward to seeing/hearing you speak on April 11.
    Is there a venue yet?
    Thank you.

  7. I have cherished your work over the years. I have been mentored by our mutual friend, Kay Drey. She has talked me into writing a look at nuclear power through the eyes of religion.
    What do you think of that?

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