Labor going nuclear in rush to self destruct

Sian Prior, ABC The Drum Unleashed, 18 February 2011

Someone’s clearly been handing out the idiot pills in the Labor Party. The first sign of it was in December 2010 when NSW Senator Steve Hutchins began publicly advocating a new debate over the party’s anti-nuclear power stance, with the aim of pushing through a change in Labor’s nuclear policy at the 2011 ALP National Conference.

This week Federal Resources Minister Martin Ferguson not only publicly supported this push for an Australian nuclear power industry, but he effectively conceded the accuracy of recent Wikileaks by urging his Labor Party comrades to use the forthcoming National Conference to approve the sale of uranium to India, a non-signatory to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

Those idiot pills must pack a powerful punch because surely no one in their right minds would want to alienate once and for all the remaining green-left rump of this formerly progressive party? … read more