2013 Speaking Schedule

23 March 2013

  • September 21: Lecture at the University of New England, Armidale – International Peace (Australia)
  • November 4: Address to the American Public Health Association in Boston on the Medical Consequences of the Nuclear Age (USA)
  • November 9: Address to the New Hampshire Peace Action Organisation (USA)
  • November 13: Opening the film in Hollywood titled Fallout for Karen Kramer, wife of Stanley Kramer (USA)
  • November 14: Grad Rounds at Cedar Sinai Hospital in LA (USA)

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  1. Dr. Caldicott,

    Thank You very much for speaking about Fukishima on Coast to Coast. AS we need to be aware of the huge problems on this planet. It distresses me that our government would rather sweep it under the rug instead of warning us of the extreme danger.

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