Bad Energy

Helenh CaldicottIndependent Australia (IA) is thrilled to present Dr Helen Caldicott — Australian physician and famed anti-nuclear campaigner.

In 2012, IA was the first to report the Fukushima nuclear meltdown and has continued to alert the public to the perils of the nuclear industry.

With the re-elected Coalition intent on revisiting nuclear power, Dr Caldicott will discuss the risks associated with nuclear energy, weapons and war.

(Proceeds will be donated to the Australian Conservation Foundation.)

On Wednesday 17 July 2019 at 7:00pm
Harold Park Community Hall
1 Dalgal Way, Forest Lodge, NSW 2037


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1 thought on “Bad Energy”

  1. We need a Manhattan style project to be able to develop technology to chelate/filter all nuclides from tritium to plutonium and no nuclear power stations should be built in earthquake zones. We need a neutral body that oversees nuclear power activity. We need an overseeing health body that puts humanity first. We need a better understanding of language use like not significant along with the attendant statistics. It is to become a human right to own a Geiger counter and also the right to reject any product into our bodies whether contaminated or pseudo food or medicine.

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