Helen Caldicott: cancers, campaigns & practicing global medicine

For Dr. Helen Caldicott’s website, go here. Specifically, information on the effects of radionuclides can be found here.
Watch Dr. Caldicott’s Academy Award winning documentary If You Love This Planet informing the world on the truth about nuclear war. Follow Physicians for Social Responsibility and International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War , support ICAN – International Campaign for the Abolishment of Nuclear Weapons and follow our planet’s implementation of the U.N. TPNW – Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.
Follow Dr. Caldicott’s inspirations: buy Nevil Shute’s book ⁠On the Beach⁠ or Germaine Greer’s ⁠The Female Eunuch⁠. Read the international court of justice ruling on ⁠French atmospheric testing⁠.
Episode fact review:
Iodine131⁠ mimics iodine; airborn; lands on grass and bio-concentrates in grass then in cow’s milk; passed to us and causes thyroid cancer.
Cesium137⁠ mimics potassium; beta emitter and gamma emitter; causes muscle, brain, ovarian cancer.
⁠Strontium90⁠ mimics calcium; lasts 200 years; beta and gamma emitter; causes osteogenic carcinoma (bone cancer).
⁠Tritium ⁠mimics hydrogen; unites with oxygen to make H30 tritiated water that enters through skin and gut; causes birth defects and cancers, particularly leukemia.

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