Japan Lecture Tour Nov 2012

Fukushima Radioactive Contamination Symptoms ResearchDr. Caldicott will undertake a Lecture Tour in Japan November 17-25, 2012 under the title “What You Must Know About Radiation Exposure”.

More details about dates and venues will be provided when they are confirmed.

In a related announcement, Fukushima Radioactive Contamination Symptoms Research (FRCSR) has been authorized to officially represent Dr. Helen Caldicott in Japan.

Please contact Dr. Yuri Hiranuma, FRCSR Medical Information Director, at frcsrus@gmail.com for any media or infrormation requests related to Japan.

4 thoughts on “Japan Lecture Tour Nov 2012”

  1. hello Dr helen,i really appreciate your work.i live in japan and am very curious to know what the future holds for the people of japan post fukushima?

  2. Are there any dates scheduled in southern California? Particularly in the San Diego area. (We have the San Onofre plant situation pretty close by too).

    I would like to help somehow, but have little to no resources myself, so have only been trying to get the word out and refer people to informative websites and videos.

    What creeps me out more than the reality of this local and global situation, is the lack of response, interest, and involvement in such a dire issue! And that’s an understatement, as most people don’t even want to hear about it, and would rather look the other way! They just don’t want to think or do anything about it! Even just concerning their own health. Bad for business too (i.e., for local farmers to acknowledge the higher levels of radionuclides in their produce). They shut off their conscious mind to it. That, to me, is very disturbing.
    All that sci-fi talk about a zombie apocolypse, or reptilian aliens taking over…. that must be referring to the mainstream population! Zombie-acting and reptilian-minded people! (I’m only half-way joking). What else can be done if not enough people are even willing to listen??? May it simply be humanity’s fate to become extinct? Like, we were only capable of evolving as a collective so far, before the whole plan got scrapped? I’m sure the earth would be better off at least.
    I don’t like thinking this way, but my nerves are getting maxed out – it’s too stressful and heart-breaking to remain over-compassionate any longer.

    Thanks for doing what you do!!!!!! You go girl!!!!

    p.s. Would you have any suggestions of what one can personally do to help?

  3. Giacomina Marie

    Hi Helen,
    I live in So Cal.
    I have been very concerned about Fuku since the day it happened.
    I grew up around the world and my father was in the USAF 30 yrs ret. He was in Biological and Nuclear Defense Dept. So I grew up knowing at a very young age the dangers of Nuclear energy.
    I have the capability to set up a conference would you be interested in coming and speaking and what would that entail.
    Thank you for all your work, you are a gift.

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