Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission Press Conference

Unabridged recording of the press conference held 24 July 2015 by the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission. Commissioner Kevin Scarce discussed his recent international visits then took questions from the press gang and the Commission’s Adelaide office on Grenfell Street.

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  1. Hello. Browns Ferry is within 38 miles of home. I have recently read the issue this plant had several years ago which closed plant down for some time. The whistle blower is still dealing with lawyer fees due to her speaking out. How safe are we? Not at all! They run this old plant at over full capacity with little to no down time; 600+ days without a break. Also, a tornado came very close to this plant. What are these people thinking? They have lost their minds. But it is TVA money cow. Making them billions. Hope their money is worth the cost.

  2. Dr. Caldicott —

    Thank you for your continuing efforts to combat the advocates of nuclear energy and deniers of global warming.

    I’m putting together, for a small subscription newsletter, an article about climate change, specifically about how “technological fixes” (such as nuclear power) are not a solution to this problem.

    A friend of mine gave me a quote which he attributed to you: “Your children have no future.” He didn’t know the source, but it was in a panel discussion setting, I believe pretty recently. The statement was directed at another panelist with whom you were debating.

    If you recall this debate, would you be so kind as to send me a link to it (print or recording), so that I can cite it properly?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  3. helen caldicott

    Dear Susan
    I have been asked to testify in person before the Royal Commission in several weeks which should be interesting
    Helen Caldicott

    1. Hi, Helen:

      So glad to see you’re still at it! Where in the world are you these days? I’m doing a book about our time together in PSR, and wonder if you’re available for an interview? Face to face is best, but Skype also works. Carol and I are thriving as we slip into the decades of decline. She sends her love. Our three kids are doing well, and a second grandchild is on the way in Ann Arbor where son Jon is doing emergency medicine. I still see patients, write stuff, of which the current memoir is the project du jour. Let me know if you can do it. I’m at 617 955 9710, based in Boston, but spending time in Ann Arbor, the Cape, and Sarasota.

      Warmest regards,


  4. Dear Dr Caldicott – I have just read your wonderful book “Nuclear Power is not the Answer” and was desperate to know if you were aware of the imminent Royal Commission here in my home state of South Australia as to our potential involvement in the nuclear fuel cycle. It was with huge relief that I visited your website and saw that you had made a submission. Thankyou so much for your brilliant work and your tireless assistance to opposing this madness. Have you heard of Polly Higgins’ work to make Ecocide the 5th Crime against Peace which will bring with it the liability of corporate directors and heads of government to criminal prosecution for events such as Fukushima?

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