Occupy Hanford Rally

Helen CaldicottDr. Caldicott was in Richland, WA for a rally on 15 April organized by Occupy Portland to bring awareness to Hanford, which is a mostly decommissioned nuclear production facility occupying nearly 600 sq. miles in southern Washington.It’s where the atomic bomb was developed during WWII. The video was taken by a local supporter and can be viewed online here.

“I hope you take the time to watch the entire video. It’s powerful stuff. Helen has a very special gift of articulate and impassioned speech. I had to escort her to a photo shoot directly after she spoke and it took forever as so many people swarmed her to shake her hand, say a few words of thanks, or to hand her literature about their group or cause. I was in awe.”

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  1. Louisa Hamachek

    Greetings wonderful Dr Helen,
    I was quite charged up by you at Hanford this last April.
    and treasure your autograph in my book of the Cayuse Indians.
    I am dedicated to shutting off the nuke power plant ( the Columbia Generating Station)
    before the CSZ Earthquake hits the NW. ( Cascadia SUBDUCTION ZONE EARTHQUAKE )
    2 weeks ago there was a Vancouver Island EQ which relieved the northern leg of the Pacific plate now the next crack of the whip is expected south in Washington & Oregon down to the Arcata California nuke waste fr shut el plant there )

    We, ( of NukeInfo & the Columbia Basin Stewardship Alliance) are calling a rally and ceremony again at the Gates of Hanford, on Fukushima Day, 3-11-13 , 2 year ann.
    to demand the Turn Off of the aging Nuke NOW, before an accident occurs,
    and the secure blocking & cleanup of the toxic radioactive waste sludge underground,
    from entering the Columbia River.

    Please suggest groups or individuals I should be sure to get in on this by an e-mail and or snail mail and phone.

    Thank YOU so much- I work for NukeInfo on public education in the Nuclear NW.
    I’m studying my ass off since your suggestion at the Hanford Rally
    Native American Treaties & activist/stewards in the Columbia Basin ( Nez Perce, Coeur d’Allene, Spokane ( Ur Mine too) Umatilla, Cayuse, Yakama tribes ) & AIM,
    volcanism, and plate tectonics, radiation caused illness , NRC procedures and people, …geology of the NW, OSU research in engineering Dpt. for the Navy INL, and the Chinese Power Plants in construction ( partnership to train Chinese in Oregon & OSU students in College of Nuclear Engineering and Health Sciences- can intern at the 10 new plants underway in China. ,
    love, Louisa Hamachek- NukeInfo 541-653-4355


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