October Public Appearances for Dr. Caldicott

NYC RallySaturday 1st October
Coalition Against Nukes Rally for Nuclear-Free Energy,
Noon-3:30 pm, Hudson River Park, Pier 95,
12th Ave @ West 55th Street, NYC

Live streaming video

This is the Coalition Against Nukes National Day of Action flagship rally, with more events happening throughout the United States. Dr. Caldicott is keynote speaker. Visit www.CoalitionAgainstNukes.org.

More about Dr. Caldicott’s October public appearances→

2 thoughts on “October Public Appearances for Dr. Caldicott”

  1. Dear Dr Helen Caldicott,

    We our familly have recently browsed your excellent website, and would like to thank you for maintaining such an honest press profile for all of us here in the free world!.

    Keep up the great work and all the best.

    Best Wishes
    Dr Anna Williams & Familly (2012)

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