The Existential and Imminent Threat of Nuclear War

YouTube, 9 August 2023

Scott Ritter warns that America’s stated, strategic plan to destroy Russia will spell the end of life on the planet. Why? The US has unilaterally withdrawn for all nuclear arms treaties that have kept us safe since Reagan signed the first treaty with Mikhail Gorbachev in 1987. It was “Trust but Verify” back then.

On top of this, the US has declared its “first strike” nuclear policy. Russia will not adopt such a policy, but has declared that any threat on its existence or territory will result in Russia unleashing its entire nuclear arsenal…and we are all dead. Nobody wins in a nuclear war, not even a “limited” nuclear war.

Ritter elaborates on how the US uses soft power, color revolutions to put in place governments that toe the American line. In the case of the Republic of Georgia, it is to create a “second front” on Russia’s border that will cause Russia to move troops from the war in Ukraine to the border with Georgia.

Add it all up and the USA is begging for a nuclear war.

Is there any hope? Be sure to watch this video to the end.

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