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Helen Caldicott – Anti-nuclear warrior

Australian Dr Helen Caldicott has been campaigning for nuclear disarmament for decades and her visit to New Zealand in the early ’80s is often cited as a catalyst for Kiwis adopting the anti-nuclear cause as their own. The Smithsonian Institute has described her as one of the 21st century’s most influential women.

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Time for Premier Jay Weatherill to Dump the Dump

Regarding plans to import nuclear waste to South Australia, Friends of the Earth Australia notes that the Community Views Report released today is overwhelmingly negative and calls on SA Premier Jay Weatherill to abandon the proposal. Key findings of the Community Views Report are noted below. The Community Views Report follows major developments over the […]

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Helen Caldicott: “America still thinks it can win a nuclear war”

Jane Stillwater is a freelance journalist, war correspondent, blogger, political Cassandra and author of “Bring Your Own Flak Jacket: Helpful Tips for Touring Today’s Middle East,” now available on Her latest motto is “Stop Wall Street and War Street from destroying our world.” I just attended the 31st annual national Veterans for Peace convention […]

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Webinar on ‘A nuclear weapons free world’

On 5 August, Dr. Caldicott spoke at the webinar, “A nuclear weapon free world : 71 years in the making – is there an end in sight?”, presented by the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF). She was one of three world-renowned anti- nuclear researchers and campaigners: Dr Helen Caldicott, veteran international anti nuclear expert and campaigner Ray […]

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Helen Caldicott

Dr. Helen Caldicott at the San Francisco Public Library

Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Dr. Helen Caldicott, known as the world’s foremost anti-nuclear activist, speaks about whether nuclear disarmament is achievable. Dr. Caldicott is author of The New Nuclear Danger, Nuclear Power is Not the Answer, and Crisis Without End, among others. She has devoted the last forty-five years to an international campaign to educate […]

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Ukraine President Hires Ex-NATO Chief in Bid for Alliance Membership

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s appointment of former NATO head Anders Fogh Rasmussen as his personal adviser marks a significant step in the US masterplan to fully integrate Ukraine into the Atlantic Alliance, global peace campaigner Helen Caldicott told Sputnik. WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — On Friday, Poroshenko announced on his website he was appointing former NATO Secretary-General […]

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US Missile Shield in EU Designed to Provoke Russia

The activation of US Aegis anti-missile bases in Europe is deliberately meant to outrage Russian leaders and is intensifying tensions and security threats in Europe, Nobel Peace Prize-winner Helen Caldicott told Sputnik. WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – Earlier on Thursday, the US Aegis Ashore missile defense system was officially inaugurated at a military base in Romania, and […]

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Fukushima Report: 10,000 Excess Cancers Expected In Japan As A Result Of 2011 Reactor Meltdowns, Ongoing Radiation Exposure

Residents of the Fukushima area and the rest of Japan will experience more than 10,000 excess cancer deaths as a result of radiation exposure from the triple-reactor meltdown that took place on March 11, 2011, according to a new report from Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) and International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War […]

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How Hillary Clinton Became a Hawk

By Mark Landler, New York Times, APRIL 21, 2016 See Dr Caldicott’s comment at the end of this article. Hillary Clinton sat in the hideaway study off her ceremonial office in the State Department, sipping tea and taking stock of her first year on the job. The study was more like a den — cozy […]

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Bernie Sanders Poses Greatest Threat to US Establishment – Peace Campaigner

Global peace campaigner Helen Caldicott claims that Sanders presents the greatest direct political challenge to the established interests in the United States. WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders presents the greatest direct political challenge to the established interests in the United States, global peace campaigner Helen Caldicott said. “Bernie Sanders poses the strongest challenge to the US […]

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US Sanctions, Drills Risk N Korea Unpredictable Reaction – Peace Campaigner

The latest US sanctions on North Korea, imposed as joint military exercises are underway, run the risk of alarming Pyongyang’s leader Kim Jong-un into some rash and unpredictable move, global peace campaigner Helen Caldicott told Sputnik. WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — “The imposition of sanctions upon North Korea at the moment is certain to be perceived in Pyongyang as extremely provocative when the United […]

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International Nuclear Waste Expert Visits Contaminated Areas in St. Louis

by Holly Shanks, Just Moms STL, 22 February 2016 “I toured the situation yesterday and my hair nearly fell out,” Dr. Helen Caldicott said. “I’ve never seen anything so **** dangerous.” The internationally renowned authority on the medical dangers of nuclear waste did not sugarcoat her thoughts after visiting several contamination points, like Westlake Landfill and Coldwater […]

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Courting Armageddon – Der Tanz auf dem Vulkan

On 28 February 2016, Dr. Caldicott addressed a conference of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War in Berlin, Germany. “The IPPNW advocates to avert threats to life and health. We are working on all political and social boundaries. Our medicine is preventative and politically we stand for peaceful conflict resolution, international treaties for […]

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US Risks Provoking Kim Jong-Un Into Unpredictable Reactions

Global peace campaigner Dr. Helen Caldicott claims that the current United States-South Korea military exercises are more likely to provoke North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong-un into an unpredictable and dangerous reaction rather than deter him. The current United States-South Korea military exercises are more likely to provoke North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong-un into an unpredictable and dangerous […]

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Anti-nuclear activist tours north St. Louis County sites contaminated with radioactive waste

By Stephanie Lecci, St. Louis Public Radio, 19 February 2016 An internationally recognized anti-nuclear activist and Australian physician said the radioactive contamination in north St. Louis County is “worse than most places” she’s investigated. Dr. Helen Caldicott toured several local sites Friday afternoon, including: the recently remediated St. Cin Park in Hazelwood; West Lake Landfill Superfund […]

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Helen Caldicott to conduct nuclear symposium in St. Louis: ‘The Atoms Next Door’

By Byron DeLear,, 13 February 2016 The inimitable Dr. Helen Caldicott will be traveling to Saint Louis to conduct a symposium on the health impacts of radioactivity and nuclear waste on Saturday, February 20th at St. Louis Community College-Wildwood. Recently, the radioactive West Lake Landfill in north St. Louis County has made international headlines due […]

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Fate of the earth

By Joel McNeece, The Journal, January 27, 2016 “Teachers, I believe, are the most responsible and important members of society because their professional efforts affect the fate of the earth.” Those are the words of Helen Caldicott, an Australian physician and author. Many would take umbrage with that notion, but they should have been present at […]

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The Death of Nuclear Power

HELEN CALDICOTT ON EVERLASTING NUCLEAR WASTE In a populated suburb of St. Louis Missouri, nuclear waste from American bomb-making is washing into surface water. Now all that radioactive mess is threatened by an underground fire just 1200 feet away. If that’s the best the United States can do, what chance does Australia have, with their […]

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Common Myths of the Nuclear Industry

Myth: the new generation of nuclear reactors are designed to recycle nuclear waste BUST: These reactors don’t exist These reactors often spoken of by advocates of nuclear energy are hypothetical. There are none of these “Generation IV” reactors commercially operating anywhere in the world: Even the demonstration plants are still decades away Various designs are […]

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Breach of faith regarding referendum on the Kvanefjeld mining project

Nuuk, Narsaq, Qassiarsuk, Aarhus and Copenhagen, 16 December 2015 On several occasions, the Greenlandic government, Naalakkersuisut, has promised a referendum in Southern Greenland on the controversial uranium/rare earth elements mining project at Kvanefjeld. The promise has now been withdrawn without prior public debate. This happened shortly before the owner, the Australian mining company Greenland Minerals […]

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The Appearance of Bias – Not a Good Look

Media Release by Friends of the Earth Adelaide, 5 November 2015 Today the Royal Commission into the Nuclear Fuel Cycle will be hearing oral evidence from London based insurance company Nuclear Risk Insurers, on the subject of insuring against a nuclear accident.  On October 2015, Dr Timothy Stone, member of the Royal Commission’s Executive Advisory […]

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Increased uranium mining and more radioactive waste would be bad news for Australia

By Helen Caldicott, Sydney Morning Herald, November 4, 2015 When Malcolm Turnbull mooted the question about storing radioactive waste in Australia, I felt that I finally understood the aim of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission being conducted in South Australia. Then I wondered whether the nuclear industry is going to propose in Paris that nuclear power […]

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The danger of a future nuclear winter

If you thought the threat of nuclear conflict ended with the Cold War, think again. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute there are currently around 16,000 nuclear weapons in the world, with approximately 1800 of them kept in a state of ‘high operational alert’. Perhaps even more worrying, is the fact that all nine […]

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Pacific Trade Pact Puts Corporations’ Profit Over People, Environment

Sputnik International, 08-08-2015 The 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) being negotiated in secret is an international trade pact authored by the world’s transnational corporations to undermine nations’ sovereignty in the interest of greater profits, prominent environmental campaigner Helen Caldicott told Sputnik. WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The TPP, a top priority for US President Barack Obama’s administration, is a controversial […]

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Symposium Collection Online

The Dynamics of Possible Nuclear Extinction was a unique two-day symposium held at The New York Academy of Medicine from February 28 to March 1, at which an international panel of leading experts in disarmament, political science, existential risk, artificial intelligence, anthropology, medicine, nuclear weapons and other nuclear issues discussed the possibility of global nuclear […]

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Iran Deal Exposes Anti-Russia Motive for US Missile Defense – Activist

Sputnik News, 16.07.15 Prominent global anti-nuclear campaigner Dr. Helen Caldicott claims that the nuclear deal reached between Iran and the P5 + 1 nations removes the key US argument for deploying ballistic missile defense systems in Europe. WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The nuclear deal reached between Iran and the P5 + 1 nations removes the key US argument […]

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WILPF Australia Peacewomen Awards

By Janette McLeod, WILPF Australia, 29 June 2015 The centenary celebrations of WILPF in Australia at the end of May were enhanced considerably by the presence of our Secretary General Madeleine Rees. The celebrations, held in Australia’s capital Canberra, included a public conference, centenary Australian Peacewomen celebration, a historical exhibition and the Section’s triennial conference. Madeleine […]

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The Myth of the Peaceful Atom

Debunking the Misinformation Peddled by the Nuclear Industry and its Supporters by Jim Green, Nuclear Monitor #804, 28 May 2015 The greatest risks associated with the nuclear fuel cycle are weapons proliferation and related risks such as military strikes on nuclear plants. The nuclear industry and its supporters have developed an elaborate set of tactics […]

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Into Eternity

Into Eternity – A Film for the Future

“Once upon a time, man learned to master fire. Something no other living creature had done before him. Man conquered the entire world. One day he found a new fire. A fire so powerful that it could never be extinguished. Man reveled in the thought that he now possessed the powers of the universe. Then […]

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The Nuclear Freeze Campaign Prevented an Apocalypse, So Can the Climate Movement

By Duncan Meisel, Common Dreams, Tuesday, May 26, 2015 Demonstrators march hand in hand toward Central Park under a large banner reading, ‘Freeze The Arms Race,’ during a massive Nuclear Disarmament Rally, where about 750,000 gathered to rally for a nuclear arms freeze, New York City, New York, June 12, 1982. (Photo by Lee Frey/Authenticated News/Getty Images) […]

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Breast Cancer and Nuclear Sites

by Dr. Chris Busby, CounterPunch, May 19 2015 Do nuclear sites cause increases in cancer in those living nearby? This is the question which has always been the key to stopping the development of nuclear energy. For if the answer is Yes, the laws would cut in; human rights would cut in. Check Mate. The […]

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The Hashtag Crusaders

By Mike Seccombe, The Saturday Paper, May 9 2015 Since she first set out on a course of social activism well over four decades ago, Helen Caldicott’s dedication to the anti-nuclear cause has taken her to some unusual places. Perhaps no twist in her journey, though, was more unexpected than the one that took her […]

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How the Senate Armed Services Committee is Undermining Minsk II

By James Carden, The Nation, April 30, 2015 On April 28 three European foreign ministers—Serbia’s Ivica Dačić, Germany’s Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Switzerland’s Didier Burkhalter—met in their capacities as members of the OSCE’s Ministerial Troika to discuss the latest developments in eastern Ukraine. According to the OSCE, the foreign ministers “reiterated that [the Ukraine] crisis can […]

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Nuclear War from a Cosmic Perspective

Max Tegmark, Dept. of Physics & MIT Kavli Institute, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02139 (Dated: May 4, 2015) Based on my talk at the symposium The Dynamics of Possible Nuclear Extinction held February 28–March 1 2015 at The New York Academy of Medicine: I discuss the impact of computer progress on nuclear […]

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United Nations logo

Nuclear Risks – Accidental Nuclear War

Presentation to Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty Review Conference, 1 May 2015 John Hallam, People for Nuclear Disarmament / Human Survival Project I have six minutes. Six minutes is around the same time that a commander of missile forces, a defense minister, or a President, has to decide, after a 30 second briefing (for the US President) […]

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Declaration of the World Uranium Symposium 2015

Sign the World Uranium Symposium Declaration

Québec, 22 April 2015 – On Earth Day today, international delegates from five continents signed the Declaration of the World Uranium Symposium, calling on all nations to put an end to the mining and use of uranium, the first link in the nuclear fuel chain for both civilian and military uses. Some 300 experts, members […]

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Symposium Summary

Streamed video of the Symposium: The Dynamics of Possible Nuclear Extinction is available online at: Here’s a rundown: Symposium: The Dynamics of Possible Nuclear Extinction February 28 – March 1, 2015 A unique, two-day symposium at which an international panel of leading experts in disarmament, political science, existential risk, artificial intelligence, anthropology, medicine, nuclear weapons and […]

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