If You Love This Planet Stops Broadcasting

iyltp After four-and-half-years and 197 programs, If You Love This Planet ended with the broadcast of its last new episode on the week ending December 28, 2012.

I believe we have made a valuable contribution to the public debate on any number of important issues over the years. I have thoroughly enjoyed interviewing the most interesting and highly informed people on a variety of topics relevant to planetary and individual survival. A new book of 25 of the interviews called Loving This Planet may interest you.

The time has come, however, for me, as its president to concentrate on other new initiatives of The Helen Caldicott Foundation, including an international symposium to be held at the New York Academy of Medicine on March 11-12, 2013 titled, “The Medical and Ecological Consequences of Fukushima” and to write a new book which I hope will be published in 2014.

The program archives will continue to be available for downloading on https://ifyoulovethisplanet.org/.

Helen Caldicott, M.D.

6 thoughts on “<em>If You Love This Planet</em> Stops Broadcasting”

  1. Dr Caldicott,

    I see you have been busy talking to Waleed on the ABC where you launched into one of the best ad hominem smears i have seen in years against Monkton. Are you qualified to make such a diagnosis? Do you have any evidence to support the connection with Big Oil?

    6C warming? Where? When? At what point do we acknowledge the models are wrong?

    This is not your finest hour Doctor.

    Moderate away Dr, moderate away.

    1. How exactly are you qualified to denigrate Dr. Caldicott? We don’t “moderate away” comments like yours, crakar. We just let you make a fool of yourself.

        1. I don’t believe so, Colin. Crakar’s lline about “Moderate away” is a reference to what the ABC describes as the “recording has been amended for factual accuracy”. That editing is not the responsibility of Dr. Caldicott. We all know that “The Right Honourable Christopher Walter, Viscount Monckton of Brenchley” has made his thoughts on the full content of that interview known, just as we know he has a barrister’s opinion that he can call himself a Lord in contradistinction to the opinion of the Clerk of the Parliaments, and that he considers a degree in Classical Architecture qualifies him as knowledgeable about climate science because it involves mathematics. I reckon Christopher Walter owes the world an apology, but there’s as much chance of that as there is of me apologising to crakar. And that, since I am the moderator of this website, is where I will end this discussion, as it is irrelevant to the topic of this page, which crakar well knows. Find yourselves another outlet.

  2. leigh moorhouse

    I just discovered your radio program and have not heard it. Do you think the tapes could be rebroadcast?

  3. Marc Ricciardi

    Dear Dr. Caldicott,
    Thank you so much !!! for the four and half years of programs, I’ve listened to each program (at least once) and read several of your books. I greatly enjoy your energy, intellect and passion, and will miss the program.I look forward to your future work.
    Meanwhile, I remain grateful for all that you have shared.

    Kind regards,


    Marc R.

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