Rogue Regenesys: Dr Helen Caldicott

Rogue RegenesysOn 23 August 2018, Rogue Regensys host Andrew Mount interviewed Dr Helen Caldicott.

Andrew Mount, your host for Rogue Regenesys, examines the assumptions, limitations and failures of the current economic paradigm, aiming to highlight poignant alternatives and proposing real solutions.

In an era of spiralling debt-crises and an uncertain ecological future, we are asked by Nature herself to discover the path to social equity and a balanced relationship with life. 

As we head into the most tumultuous time in modern history, humankind is seeking answers to what ails us as a society.  Beginning with a bio-regionalism that supports People, Planet and profit, we will endeavour to enfranchise all living systems in the regenerative, non-colonial economics of a just future.

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